Where is your soul?

I woke in the middle of the night with an idea. What if your soul, my soul, if all our souls exist in a different dimension from our bodies?

We can’t physically find our souls with microscopes or MRIs, or electron microscopes, perhaps because they aren’t visible where those tools exist? Reminds me of an experience I had many years ago at an outdoor bar in Austin.

There was a big tree in the middle of the stage. They had built the stage around it. There was a band playing, something lively and Texan, and I was thinking, I wonder if that tree even knows we’re here. Can it sense the music, and the people, and the beers, and the relaxed mood?

And if it can, what must it think is going on? So it’s possible that our souls may not even be in another dimension, they may only exist in a manner that our senses can’t detect.

Or maybe we can only detect them as feelings, as intuitions, as middle-of-the-night dreaming epiphanies?

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